I'm Up For It If You Are
Max Bemis & The Painful Splits - I'll Prove It
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Body burdened by my heavy heart of stone now

Body burdened by my heavy heart of stone now

Say Anything - For The Silent
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“For The Silent” by Say Anything

It’s not much better than death
Giving up on everything
With every cynical breath,
The air keeps thickening.
This bite will fill our lungs
Until we spit it out proudly
And are you happy with what you’ve become?
Can you tell me loudly?

Say Anything - Woe
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Woe - Say Anything

if life is twice as pretty once your dead then send me a card, i’m still the optimist though it is hard when all you want to be is in a dream

Stress can breed a psychopath.
You’re all that calms me down.
I forget that I’m a mess when you’re around.
Please can you be home tonight?
Say it’s not over yet.
My human tranquilizer,
My pretty Percocet.
“Ants In My Pants” (Say Anything)
You’re what keeps me believing the world’s not gone dead,
Strength in my bones put the words in my head.
When they pour out to paper, it’s all for you.
‘Cause that’s what you do.
Say Anything- I Want To Know Your Plans  (via iwillbehomeinawhile)