I'm Up For It If You Are
Brand New - Luca
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Luca | Brand New | The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me

You never worked well with our group, no one can fault you now. 
We’ll fix you with cement galloshes, no one can save you now. 
Unless you have friends among fish, 
There’ll still be no air to breathe.
You can drink up the entire ocean 
And still find someone 
To be everything we know that you’ll never be


Slumming It With Johnny - Say Anything


Slumming It With Johnny - Say Anything

I dream of anger, sex, unnurtured I succeed but still
Soon I’ll be poppin pills
This emptiness will not be filled or caved
Slumming it with Johnny by Say Anything (via redd-lye)
You push me over and I crack
We’re in a coffin on the floor
Communicating with our buzzing flesh
Forehead pressed against yours
Do the Dohnk, Max Bemis & the Painful Splits (via idontlikequiet)
But like a drunken night, it’s the best bits that are coloured in.
Frightened Rabbit // Poke (via talk-about-the-passion)
I’m dying to tell you that I’m dying here.
Nitrous Gas. Frightened Rabbit. (via stuckinanendlessdaydream)


I don’t think about you that much anyway,
I wouldn’t even know what to say…

That don’t mean that you shouldn’t call,
If you feel like it at all.
I’d love to hear your voice,
I’d love to hear your voice…

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The longer that I’m out here the better you sound

You’re scrunching up your face in this picture I found

And I’m chasing after you instead of leaving some ground

I don’t wanna forget so I’m writing it down