I'm Up For It If You Are
There are some words that explode in your brain: at stake, life, death. Once they are uttered, time becomes unstable. It is impossible to go on as if they had not been heard. From now on they have a power of their own, a power no other force can negate.
"The Judges" - Elie Wiesel
Some truths are told now only in a melody, so I’ve been writing a new one. Yeah, I’ve been taking my time with it. It’s gonna be so perfect. It’s gonna hold all of us inside of it. You will see.
Bright Eyes (via litteringandlitteringand)

| On the Road - Jack Kerouac 


On the Road - Jack Kerouac 

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cause it’s endless, the ditch you can dig
you’re stubborn, and you’re prideful, and you’re all over it
so i suggest you make sense of the time you’ve got left
so you don’t end up back where you’ve been